Fulfilling Your Destiny

I am not a genius, nor am I an author of any book. What I do know is God’s high Sovereign Grace. God has revealed it to me. I do not boast of my abilities to know and  understand God’s Grace. For it is God that gives knowledge and understanding of truth. For it must have seemed good in His sight. I love to tell, anyone that will listen, of God’s total and absolute high Sovereign Grace in the salvation of sinners and of His absolute rule over all of His creation. From the rise and fall of leaders and nations, to the salvation of sinners, to the crowing of a rooster at sun rise.

How many times have you heard someone say God has a plan for your life and if you will let God take control of your life, you can fulfill your destiny? What? How does one not fulfill his destiny? God has a purpose for everyone. It is either as a vessel of honor or as a vessel of dishonor or there must be a lot of unused plans sitting on God’s shelf of wasted lives.


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